9 Ways to Boost Lagging Event Registration…

… Without Discounting Prices

convention-textureThere’s an interesting article this week on the Stronger by Association blog listing several good reasons why lagging registration should NOT prompt associations to discount their event registration fees. But if you’re faced with low registration levels for your upcoming conference, what other tactics can you use to boost those numbers? Here are a few ideas: Continue reading

It doesn’t matter how popular video is…

video2… if your video isn’t any good.

Who among us hasn’t seen a video about how important video is? Who hasn’t seen infographics and charts and tables on the subject? (Not lately? There’s one at the bottom of this post.) Who hasn’t seen article after article (after article) about how important it is to include video in your marketing strategy or content strategy or digital strategy? Just for fun sometime, take a look at YouTube’s own usage data in its press room.

But now, let’s talk about the dark side of that data. Continue reading

Reporters and Editors: You’re Marketers Now (Like it or Not)

Keyboards/kimkishbaughThe lines have blurred for reporters and editors these days.

We used to be able to position ourselves above the fray. We’re objective, we’d say. We tell the story the way it really is. PR people may spin the news, but we tell it straight.

All of that’s true. And all of that’s valid. But it’s no longer the whole story.

Truth is, reporters and editors have to shoulder a share of the marketing effort these days. Continue reading

Tips for Coding Good HTML Emails


Mobile email accessPutting together the code for an HTML email isn’t by any stretch of the imagination the same as coding a web page. Email has special constraints and special issues. The way you code it can affect everything from how it displays to recipients, to whether it gets into their inbox at all or gets flagged as possible spam.

Things are even more complicated than they used to be – and better, really, for email marketers – because it’s now possible to code emails to display one way for people who open them on a desktop/laptop and another for those who open on a mobile device. With more and more people using smartphones to access email on the go, it’s critical to make sure your emails display well on these devices. Continue reading