One Moment: Friendship Matters

This has been a week full of ups and downs for me — a roller coaster ride in ways. I went to a great professional conference, which I’ve been wanting for some time to attend but have not been able before, and met great people, including social media friends whom I’d never before met in person. I learned some really good stuff (it was a tech conference, and “good stuff” is, of course, a tech term), and I was challenged to think more and differently and better. I finally got to meet in person someone I’ve come to know over the past three years as a vendor/business contact but have grown to consider a friend. All very exciting.

But with the peaks there have been valleys also. Continue reading

ASAE Technology Conference: Mobile wisdom

I’m attending my first-ever ASAE Technology Conference, with association technology professionals from all over the country (and maybe beyond). Day 1 of 2 is behind me, and I walked away from it with some interesting observations and great insights — most of them regarding mobile devices and information delivery.

I’m not going to try to wrap a lot of wisdom around this information because I’m running on fumes right now. But here are some of the best tidbits I scribbled in my notebook (yes, pen and paper at a tech conference; really). Continue reading