Fact vs. Fiction: If it’s on the Internet, does it have copyright protection?

Author=Stephan Baum, Sanbec, ttog

Image: CC Stephan Baum

It makes me sad that many people don’t already know the answer to this question, but experience tells me they don’t. So consider this a public service announcement on behalf of content creators everywhere. (Yes, my writer and illustrator friends, this one’s for you.) And for those of you who already know the answer to the question, please join me in a campaign to spread the word. Continue reading

How can you learn your website’s search keywords when Google’s secure search hides them?

There’s a good chance that (not provided) has been among your top keywords – if not #1 – for quite some time. Moving forward, it almost certainly will be.

“Thanks, Google!”


clouds and skyFirst of all, I just want to say the sky is not falling.

That’s how it seems in some circles these days when people talk about Google’s decision not to pass along searchers’ keywords in the data it sends to websites when people click on any Google’s search engine results. Continue reading

What Matters Most for Search Engine Rank?

Moz, formerly known as SEOmoz, released its 2013 ranking of search engine optimization factors this week, which is a very big deal to people involved in SEO. Moz surveyed 120 search marketing experts for the study, and also did data analysis of more than 17,000 keyword search results to gauge how 80-plus search ranking factors actually correlate with high placement in search results.

MozPullQuoteI’m just starting to dig into some of it now (late on a Friday; yes, this is how I spend my weekends), and I’m going to be digesting and learning from it for quite some time. But here are some interesting key points that have jumped out already: Continue reading

It doesn’t matter how popular video is…

video2… if your video isn’t any good.

Who among us hasn’t seen a video about how important video is? Who hasn’t seen infographics and charts and tables on the subject? (Not lately? There’s one at the bottom of this post.) Who hasn’t seen article after article (after article) about how important it is to include video in your marketing strategy or content strategy or digital strategy? Just for fun sometime, take a look at YouTube’s own usage data in its press room.

But now, let’s talk about the dark side of that data. Continue reading

Tips to Improve Your Website Submission Forms

Declaration of Intention for Albert EinsteinIs it easy for people to give you the information you need?

Do you have submission forms on your website? Chances are you do. And if your website is an integral part of a thriving organization (and no doubt it is!), chances also are good that those forms enable or support some pretty important functions. They may capture information about your members or donors, get email addresses you need to communicate with people, or even collect money – membership dues, donations, payment for products. Continue reading