Tips for Coding Good HTML Emails


Mobile email accessPutting together the code for an HTML email isn’t by any stretch of the imagination the same as coding a web page. Email has special constraints and special issues. The way you code it can affect everything from how it displays to recipients, to whether it gets into their inbox at all or gets flagged as possible spam.

Things are even more complicated than they used to be – and better, really, for email marketers – because it’s now possible to code emails to display one way for people who open them on a desktop/laptop and another for those who open on a mobile device. With more and more people using smartphones to access email on the go, it’s critical to make sure your emails display well on these devices. Continue reading

Waving Goodbye: an Email Marketing Failure

Dear Technology Company:

Today I opted out of your email newsletter. I had been receiving it for several months but had not had time to read any issues. Despite that, I kept the subscription because I knew your company’s brand and considered you a respected name in the world of association and non-profit technology.

But today, I opened the newsletter. And I couldn’t read it.


Good Reads, Feb. 9-15, 2013

Australian Cattledog with a good bok (The Good Son)I love a week when I have a chance to read. I don’t mean books, because the truth is I almost always make time for them, no matter what. I’m talking here about articles, blog posts, the news – you know, the stuff that comes to you 24/7 via the Interwebs.

It’s been a good week for me in that regard. I’ve made time to look at my RSS reader and open a good percentage of my email newsletters. Now’s the time when you get to reap the benefit of that with me. Here are some of the best articles I came across this week. Continue reading

iPad Use = More Email Testing Needed

email displayed on an iPadDid you know that more than half of all iPad owners would rather use their iPad to read and send email than either their phone or their computer? That’s the finding of a recent survey of U.S. iPad owners by email software provider Perion. And you need to pay attention if you rely on email marketing in any significant way. Continue reading