Magical thinking: A celebration of the Chicago Cultural Center

I wandered into the Chicago Cultural Center yesterday and found magic.

That’s usually what happens to me at the Cultural Center. Yesterday, magic took the form of the Dance-Along Nutcracker, which drew aspiring ballet dancers of all ages to don leotards and tutus and dance together to selections from The Nutcracker (and The Grinch) played by the Lakeside Pride Symphonic Band. I’d never heard of this event, but the sweetness of it literally had me near tears. Continue reading

Yearning for Summer

Onions-250It feels like spring today in my part of Chicagoland, and over on Twitter I see people on the West Coast preparing to head out to their farmer’s markets. So now I want to be at mine.

Unfortunately, it’s only mid-February, and here in the Midwest we won’t see a farmer’s market for months to come. Memorial Day, where are you?!

I want sunshine and rows of fresh produce and flowers—lettuce and spinach, strawberries, live plants for the garden. I want the party atmosphere and the fun of seeing friends and neighbors out and about. Continue reading

What Can Associations Learn from Andrew Sullivan’s Paid-Content Decision?

Value, Paywll, Content Scrabble anagramDaily Beast blogger Andrew Sullivan announced last week that he will begin charging readers to access his blog, The Dish. This is very big news in the journalism world, where the question of whether readers will actually pay for good content rages. But it also carries with it a lesson for associations – and really for anyone who has a website that they want people to visit. Continue reading