10 story ideas for your organization’s blog

I wrote yesterday about the need to have a content plan in place for your blog or website, including either a formal editorial calendar or at least a list of article topics that you plan to write about. This both helps keep you focused on your site’s mission and gives you a jumping-off point when it’s time to publish a new article. You don’t necessarily have to start from scratch and come up with a new idea every time you sit down to write.

If you don’t have that list – or if, as happened to me, you misplace it – I said you were pretty much out of luck; there was nothing I could do for you.

I’ve changed my mind. If it’s time to get some new content out on your organization’s blog, but you just don’t have any ideas, here are 10 story suggestions – topics you should always be able to draw on to write something useful and compelling for your members and supporters:

  1. Good content that you already have somewhere else on your website, but people don’t know is there.
  2. Answers to frequently asked questions that come in from your members/supporters/customers. (Talk to your call center or receptionist for ideas.)
  3. Things your organization is doing to save money.
  4. Legislative action alerts or updates. (These serve a dual purpose, both telling your supporters what you do for them and enlisting them to help with your effort.)
  5. Board action – agendas in advance and/or summaries afterward.
  6. Volunteer opportunities – not limited to committee/board positions but also including short-term volunteer commitments.
  7. Reports your organization has issued that are available for members/supporters to read.
  8. Summaries of interesting discussions on your Facebook page or, if you have one, your internal community site.
  9. News digests of articles that your members/supporters might need or enjoy.
  10. A list of most popular articles on your website or in your newsletter(s).

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