It’s Earth Day. What am I reading?

Happy Earth Day! I like to spend at least a part of Earth Day outdoors, biking, hiking, gardening, cleaning up trash. But I also like to spend a part of almost every day reading. As it happens, my recent reading put me in mind of Earth Day, so I wrote an Earth Day blog post for Escape Into Life.

Here’s a hint: E.B. White’s essays. They’re divine.

I also recommend anything by Temple Grandin for Earth Day reading. While the environment and outdoor life aren’t specifically her subject matter, her unique perspective on animals reminds me of our interconnectedness with both animals and nature. If you’ve not read her, consider putting her on your list. Animals in Translation is a particular favorite of mine.

While I’m at it, at the risk of moving entirely from the environment to One Health—a term referring to the interconnections among human health, animal health and environmental health—you can’t go wrong with Zoobiquity.

Back to a more typical Earth Day theme, I’ll probably pick up my portable Henry David Thoreau today to help reconnect my brain with the world of nature.

How about you? What do you recommend for Earth Day reading?

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