6 Journalism Articles You Really Should Read

My inner journalist has come out this week. I’ve been doing a deep dive in the waters where I first swam professionally – reading and reading and reading about the news business. The topics: new technology initiatives, marketing and business case studies, paid content, mobile news strategy, all kinds of good stuff.

I try to do a weekly roundup of the best articles I’ve been reading, and I usually tuck all topics in together. But this week, there were so many good articles about journalism on the list that I decided they deserved their own home. And so I present… the best journalism articles I’ve read this week. Whether you’re a working journalist, a news junkie, or anyone else who cares about the future of journalism, there’s something here for you:

Spain’s Economic Crisis Has an Unexpected Victim: Journalism
10 Newspapers that Do it Right
How Newsrooms Can Adopt a Mobile-First Mindset
Ev Williams: Medium Wants To Help Build A Sustainable Economic Model For Journalism
Why Paywalls Now?
Knight Prototype Fund Awards Include Money for Tools to Help Journalists Better Use Data (also to improve government & citizen involvement)

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