Saturday Distraction: Google 201

By AlphaZeta (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Image by AlphaZeta (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Looking for some distraction on this fine Saturday? How about a fun little learning tangent that will leave you better able to search and find what you want on the Internet? Behold: Google 201 (or, as it’s technically called, “Get More out of Google.”

This nifty infographic is far from new, but still has in it a whole lot of Google tips that many people don’t know. Things like: how to search Google for a specific type of file; how to limit your search to a specific website; and how to search for a word only in titles.

Because this is a few years old, there are a few bits that are out of date. For example, it advises against asking Google questions; in fact, Google has really become pretty good at answering direct questions because people still like to search this way – perhaps even more so now than in the past because of voice-driven mobile apps like Siri. Still, the specific search tips provided here are still valid and can help you if you’re looking for something very specific. Google’s search refiners are your friends.

So give it a try. Think of something you’d like to find – maybe something you remember seeing on a specific website but didn’t bookmark. (Because bookmarks? Seriously? Who uses bookmarks anymore?) See if these search refiners help you pin it down.

Happy Saturday surfing!

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