Spam Poetry: “To Grow Improved”

I’m thinking about introducing a semi-regular series called “Spam Poetry,” with spam comments I have received that are so ridiculous or effusive — well, really just so outrageous in any way — that I feel compelled to share. Here’s the first. It made the “poetry” cut because the language strung together is so beautifully nonsensical.

Let me know if you think I should keep this up. And please feel free to submit your own favorite spam — from your own blog comments, from email, from social media, from anywhere — in the comments. Please do keep it clean, though — this is a family joint!

“To grow improved,
previously catch what forces you to grow regressed.
each person features personal lacks. To remove them,
we all are to find out them.
since your considerations are fixed on past, you are not able to budge.”

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