Seriously? This is how we celebrate King Day?

Martin Luther King Jr. has finally achieved the pinnacle of true greatness as an American.

No, I’m not talking about the fact that we celebrate his birthday with a federal holiday; that’s old news. I’m talking about the true gauge of greatness — what really determines whether someone was a great player in this nation’s history, an achievement matched only by the likes of Presidents Lincoln and Washington, our military heroes and the founding fathers who declared this nation’s independence. Yes, not only do we have a holiday marking the anniversary of Dr. King’s birth; now we celebrate it with appliance and electronic ssales.

After all, in the United States, it’s not really a holiday unless we have huge blow-out sales to draw shoppers into stores, right? This year, I discovered that we’ve extended the practice to Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. From consumer electronics superstores to neighborhood thrift stores, everywhere I look I see retail outlets offering sale pricing for King Day.

Am I the only person who finds that more than a bit disgusting?

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